About RE Workplace

Brian Schwellinger MCR.w, SLCR

RE Workplace Founder/Owner

Brian-SchwellingerBrian Schwellinger, founded the company (originally known as Real Estate Decisions) in January 2000, and has over thirty years of commercial real estate experience within the leasing, management, appraisal and sales areas.

Previous related real estate experience includes working in the corporate appraisal industry for Lloyd Thomas, Coats & Burchard, specializing in corporate appraisal assignments around the world; commercial real estate consulting; commercial property management and leasing in Anchorage, Alaska; and commercial brokerage in Wisconsin. Prior to starting Real Estate Decisions, Brian was leasing director for The Fiore Companies for four years.

Brian has many years of experience negotiating leases on behalf of landlords, which puts him in the unique position of understanding landlord motivations and the techniques they use to take advantage of common mistakes companies make when acquiring real estate interests.

Since 2000, Mr. Schwellinger has focused on providing clients services within three key areas:

  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transactions


Brian is married with two adult children. He is an avid fly fisher and musician playing violin, mandolin and guitar as a solo artist.


Brian is a member of CoreNet Global with members that manage $1.2 trillion (US) in worldwide corporate assets including owned and leased office, industrial and other space. With over 7,000 members representing large corporations around the world, CoreNet Global (www.corenetglobal.org) operates in five global regions: Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Brian has committed to continued learning and earned two professional designations within CoreNet Global: MCR.w – Master of Corporate Real Estate – Workplace Strategy and SLCR – Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate. To receive these designations, professionals must demonstrate at least ten years of successful corporate real estate experience, complete twelve required seminars, and participate in an intensive three-day Capstone Seminar culminating with formal presentations that are given to other professionals in the organization. Each course focused on topics such as Finance, Lease Analysis, Design, Real Estate Law, Negotiation Skills, Communications, Industry Trends, etc. The rigorous courses required class participation, study and successful completion of a written exam. Of the over 7,000 CoreNet Global Members, 1,500 have earned an MCR and fewer than 300 have earned the SLCR designation and each designee must further their education through continuing professional development which must be renewed every three years.

“Brian is an excellent fit for a client who is unfamiliar with real estate acquisition, processes and negotiation. He explains his approach to the uninitiated and checks in regularly, continuing their education process. He is also a great partner for experienced in-house real estate professionals because he brings a fresh approach as he exposes the client to current and evolving trends. Tireless in working for the benefit of his clients, Brian is a real estate professional second and a client advocate first. He understands their business as if he were there on–staff COO, helping them connect their business issues with related real estate ramifications.”

Vickie Wenzel

Talent Development, Target Commercial Interiors