Our Real Estate Services

RE Workplace offers three essential real estate services for commercial entities. Understanding of Portfolio Assessment, Strategic Planning and controlling Transactions is critical for anyone involved in commercial real estate. Contact RE Workplace to learn more or to schedule a no obligation consultation.


Portfolio Assessment

Thorough analysis of current real estate holdings, development of property summaries, key data organization, and a basic assessment of how real estate is supporting an organization. This information will then be used to develop key metrics that will apply to a clients specific business and be used for a meaningful analysis and recommendation for opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Planning

Understanding key business drivers and aligning a company’s objectives with a real estate strategy for the near, mid and long term is essential to supporting an organization. Planning for growth, new technology, changes in the workforce demographics, financial realities, product cycles, etc., is a critical element to a successful real estate strategy that aligns with each company’s unique requirements. This stage includes the development of a workplace strategy that defines the type of real estate required to support the organization (office, warehouse, flex, etc.), infrastructure requirements (power, UPS, communications, security, HVAC, etc.) Interior design elements required to support an your brand, key space plan components, etc. By the end of this stage clients will know what they want to do and why.


Whether leasing, buying, or selling, controlling the process in your favor is an essential element for success. Because we understand a client’s business and have a strategic plan, transactions are a logical process of identifying qualified solutions and investigating them thoroughly before making any commitments. Our objective during this stage is to have numerous options and to use them as negotiating leverage to not only maximize the return on your investment (through purchase or lease), but to obtain terms that protect your interests and minimize risk. Our approach takes the guesswork out of decision-making and avoids costly mistakes because we have a proven process that is unique to the market.