Real Estate Strategy Review

Real Estate and Business Strategy is a big topic and we can blog about this at length. However, we feel it’s good to reach back to the blog archives and share some of our past posts. These are refreshers, or new data for first time visitors. However you take it, it’s great information.


Audit Your Lease
In theory a lease is a static collection of agreements. But in practice a lease is fluid and filled with opportunities for landlords to improve their bottom lines, whether by honest error or creative application.

Astonishingly, about 50% of leases professionally audited have errors, costing tenants billions of dollars. Twice paid utilities, improperly calculated base operating years, square footage miscalculations, inflated escalation calculations, padded management fees… the list goes on and the odds are you are paying more rent than you should be.

Ten Lease Terms
I work in this industry based on two facts. First, a person can do nothing without real estate. Second, good real estate can make a positive difference in the human condition. Real estate has held treasures, inspired accomplishments, and supported discoveries ever since the cave was adapted as shelter. No two pieces of real estate are the same, and our assumptions about it are evolving faster than we have ever imagined.

The Landlord’s Deal Bag
The landlord offers a tenant improvement (TI) allowance of $25/sf for an office lease. He says you keep any excess funds. Sound tempting? You feel you will at least get what you need. You may even receive some extra cash for moving expenses and office equipment purchases. Plus, it’s OTP (other people’s money).

Top 10 Lease Mistakes
Business executives do not often think about real estate, when a lease comes due every five years or so. It’s no mystery that lease mistakes abound. This primer on the most common lease mistakes will help business owners better negotiate their leases.

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