“In real estate transactions, your most effective leverage is gained by having options, knowing what is of value to your core business and using alternatives as leverage to negotiate transactions structured to meet your business objective.”

- Brian Schwellinger Principal, RE Workplace

Portfolio Assessment

Thorough analysis of current real estate holdings, development of property summaries, key data organization, and a basic assessment of how real estate is supporting an organization.

Strategic Planning

Understanding key business drivers and aligning a companies objectives with a real estate strategy for the near, mid and long term is essential to supporting an organization.


Because we understand a client’s business and have a strategic plan, transactions are a logical process of identifying qualified solutions and investigating them thoroughly before making any commitments.

What is your organization’s real estate strategy?

If you can’t come up with a strategy statement, you’re not alone. Most firms have only a general idea of what they’d like their real estate decisions to accomplish and one that’s often based on anecdotal perspectives, which may not address key changes occurring within the industry, or key financial and strategic realities. By identifying the key drivers to your business, a comprehensive plan can be developed to meet your specific needs.

Are your real estate discussions focused on general market data and rent?

If they are, the process is not working in your favor because each option is unique and transactions should be structured specifically to meet your needs. I help you clearly define how your real estate portfolio can become a strategic tool in creating important fiscal and operational value for your business.

Are you in control of negotiations and limiting your risk?

Many companies do not negotiate from a strong position because they do not have adequate leverage. I apply my real estate expertise fully in your favor by identifying options that meet your needs, creating a competitive negotiating environment for your real estate transactions and accurately quantifying the cost, benefit and challenge of each alternative.

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